Zeus Bot

Written by Jonathan E. Wright

Zeus Skin

Download version 2.05 of Zeus the helper or DM opponent Bot (370k).

Full instructions on how get Zeus up and running are included in the zip file.

This chap can be a loyal friend and now can be spawned as a DM opponent. He begins with the standard shotgun, and will pick any weapons he finds.

Try starting a Multiplayer game, spawning 4 DM opponents and 3 helper Bots. Then the mayhem starts, it's non stop noise and fragging!

Sometimes when a DM Bots frags you at close range, he'll walk up to as you lie on the ground, bend down and say 'That looks painful' or another one I saw was 'The last time I saw you momma she was in that same position'. The best taunt of all though, is when you hear him laughing at you from behind his hand whilst rocking back and forth.

What'd you want me to kill?
What'd you want me to kill?

Some of the enhancements over the previous versions.

This Ogre is toast!
This Ogre is toast!

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