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Islands of Toy and Candy

Designed by Randy Boon

Randy says "This is quite a difficult scenario. It contains around 21 (or 23?) islands, which contain each a diffirent industry, and each island is connected via a slender passageway. Each passageway is 3 landblocks 'thick' and has a road-bridge in the middle lane of the passageway."

"Since all the islands are connected via passageways and bridges, there seem to 'lakes', but each of the 4 'lakes' contain 1 large city, with a population of around 2,500 people, a toyshop and a strange piece of land with rocks (airport-size?) Anyway, it's a difficult scenario, even for myself, and it requires great tactics to change your company from a costs-rising one to a profitable one. Have fun with it !!!"

Islands of Toy and Candy Scenario 20k

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