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Bornholm, Denmark

Designed by Kuba Nalazek

Bornholm, a small island on the Baltic Sea. This a great scenario, lots of detail.

Kuba says "I was on Bornholm last summer and I must admit that the island is really beautiful! I travelled all over Bornholm by bicycle. Unfortunately almost no traces of the old railway survived. It's really hard to find out that some embankments or buildings are remains of the old railway. Many routes are completely overgrown with forest. People who don't know what to look for are probably not able to notice anything at all.

Anyway when I came back home I decided to make a detailed scenario of Bornholm with all towns (or rather villages) and roads. There are even all lighthouses on the right spot. Besides there are lots of farms and woods which make up majority of Bornholm's landscape."

Bornholm, Denmark Scenario 88k

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