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New York City (saved game)

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I don't normally have saved game files on this site, but this one is rather interesting and worth being included, here's what the sender says about his saved game file...

"This is not a playable scenario (well, it is, but..). Rather, this is to perhaps show your visitors the most complex TTD layout they will ever see, which I think is saying a lot, considering how complex some people's scenarios get.

" I started with a New York City / Manhattan Scenario that I saw on your website and started building.. and building. More can be added, and I probably will continue to refine this from time to time, but at some point I figured I should just stop and send this to you. At some point in this game, I stopped caring about the actual vehicles.. hence, what's running is pretty old and beaten down.

"Whoever downloads this can take it upon themselves to repair the fleet. I also did not invest in aviation at all.. at some point, this scenario became an exercize in stuffing as many trains (or, more precisely: train, monorail, and maglev TRACKS) into a dense urban environment as I could. As I said, there's still some improvements that can be made.. but I think the average user will be impressed with not just the number, but the complexity of the routes laid.

"No cheats of any kind were used. In building this, many hundreds of millions of dollars were wasted. Tunnels that cost over $100m were destroyed and re-built several times to gain a square. The scenario is very profitable, but that was never the goal. I estimate about $5,000,000,000 (5 _billion_) was spent on construction in this layout, though the actual figure might be as high as $10B."

New York City (saved game) Scenario 131k

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