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Hong Kong

Designed by Christopher Claud

Christoper says " I have been a for Transport Tycoon Deluxe for almost two years. I like this game very but Micropose is not going to release the latest version of TTD. I have your website to download the scenarios for many times. It lets me to some geographical environment in those countries. So I have made my scenario - Hong Kong, one of the international trade and financial centre China, Asia. It was also a British colony from 1840 to 1997. Therefore it is boring place for every people's sight.

I this scenario is very exciting for everyone. It totally reflects the image overcrowed city, Hong Kong. In this city, many people go to offices, schools, and recreational places by puplic bus or railway. When you play my try to transporting people or cargoes by using bus, ferry and as well as railway in any area. It is because railway always built but TTD does not."

Hong Kong Scenario 114k

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