Overall League TablePWDLFAPts
Yar. Con. A 48323996148302826002088.0
Pot Black Lads 47019690184281127331887.5
Waveney Wizards 47122098153255023381813.0
Pot Black A 3302155362244815121707.0
Yar. Con. E 45119792162215619881564.0
Merlins A 36815866144195218961353.0
Arc Angels 242113468313441244942.5
Gor. Con. A 3621009117112961600937.5
Arcadian B 3591136817812861641937.0
Yar. Con. B 243954110712711369866.5
Arcadian Golden Oldies 20594278412811179849.5
Pot Black Boys 222106427411891035848.5
Pot Black Potters 219106407311611035832.5
Yar. Con. D 276785714111431461784.5
Merlins B 2389047101970996711.5
Pot Black Breakers 1797540641001967690.5
Exiles 210953976915901686.5
Pot Black B 192814368885843647.5
Yar. Con. F 23261581138111045585.5
Pot Black Papas 136593047850782573.0
Arcadian 135563445834786563.0
Beaconsfield C 23157551197871061562.5
Waveney Outlaws 123651642706590499.0
Beaconsfield B 157474070635705451.5
Yar. Con. C 149492773614854432.0
Beaconsfield Rebels 150552471579621423.5
Pot Black Hurricanes 108472140583545406.5
Lowestoft Railways 150343581507693356.5
Pipers Condors 99462033471417347.5
Arcadian C 116292166525687341.5
Ludham 129373359458573336.0
Reflections Rebels 115342952432488313.0
Pot Black Jesters 78261933453483297.5
Gor. Con. B 104312746385447281.5
Waveney A 64261721390378264.0
Pot Black Devils 86312431332356252.0
Reflections A 70312118306254236.0
Pot Black E 75251535274326202.0
Waveney B 51121722289323185.5
Hickling A 54201222248304176.0
Merlins Diamonds 4121713223185158.0
Arcadian F 4222812193143148.5
Pipers A 362637187101148.5
Pot Black Destroyers 4822719193191147.5
Pot Black C 58131926203261146.5
R.K.D.N.S. 382198177127139.5
Railway Aces 46171217181185135.0
Pot Black Whirlwinds 33232816896132.0
Pot Black Elite 3620412160128124.0
Pot Black Misfits 42121416159177117.5
The Breakaways 35151010154126117.0
Reflections Alemen 43121219152192112.0
Pot Black Cues 20151415981110.5
Stereotypes 38121115151153110.5
Yar. Con. Crusaders 271089164160110.0
Pot Black United 351271613714399.5
Gor. Con. C 71296016840097.0
Merlins C 2415541246897.0
Pipers D 201361976380.5
Arcaics 169161078572.5
A 'n' A Bandits 24798979571.5
Pot Black Timers 2484128610663.0
Pot Black Dons 18918826260.0
Pot Black Wanderers 218310828660.0
Churchfarm B 2449118310958.5
Pot Black Carebears 217410759355.5
Arcadian A 15924714955.5
The Wanderers 2446148111154.5
Canary Cue A 15429849648.0
Beaconsfield Condors 2021177616443.0
Waveney Wisecracks 15438507036.0
R.K.D.N.S. Pups 163211458330.5
Pipers B 1820163211220.0

Latest News

Yar Con A relocated to Merlins

Confirmation that, Yar. Con. A have relocated to Merlins, Gorleston.

Please remember this when travelling to play them at home.

Posted a month ago.
Yarmouth Conservative Club closing

Yarmouth Conservative Club is closing from the 1st of January.

Yar. Con. B will be playing their remaining home matches at Beccles Cue Club.

It is yet to be confirmed but Yar. Con. A may be moving their remaining home games to Merlins, Gorleston.

Posted a month ago.
Top First Division Breaks
R. CooperWaveney Wizards81
R. MastersWaveney Wizards77
R. CooperWaveney Wizards70
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Top First Division Averages
A. HobbsPot Black Lads70%
S. RudgePot Black Papas67%
L. PhilpottYar. Con. B64%
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