Pot Black Club
Week commencing Mon 30th September 2019
TuePot Black Papas7v5The Jube SeniorsView
WedPot Black Breakers9v3Waveney WizardsView
Week commencing Mon 7th October 2019
TuePot Black Lads5v7Pot Black BreakersView
Week commencing Mon 14th October 2019
TuePot Black Papas7v5Waveney TwitchersView
Week commencing Mon 21st October 2019
TuePot Black Lads5v7Waveney BView
WedPot Black Breakers8v4The Jube JuniorsView
Week commencing Mon 28th October 2019
TuePot Black Papas7v5Pot Black LadsView
Week commencing Mon 4th November 2019
TuePot Black Lads3v9The Jube SeniorsView
WedPot Black Breakers7v5Pot Black PapasView
Week commencing Mon 11th November 2019
TuePot Black Papas9v3The Jube JuniorsView
Week commencing Mon 18th November 2019
TuePot Black Lads8v4Waveney TwitchersView
WedPot Black Breakers8v4The Jube AView
Week commencing Mon 9th December 2019
TuePot Black Papas5v7The Jube AView
WedPot Black Breakers7v5Pot Black LadsView
Week commencing Mon 16th December 2019
TuePot Black Lads10v2The Jube JuniorsView
Week commencing Mon 6th January 2020
TuePot Black Papas9v3Waveney WizardsView
Week commencing Mon 13th January 2020
TuePot Black Lads8v4Pot Black PapasView
WedPot Black Breakers8v4Waveney BView
Week commencing Mon 20th January 2020
TuePot Black Papas4v8Pot Black BreakersView
Week commencing Mon 27th January 2020
TuePot Black Lads4v8The Jube AView
WedPot Black Breakers8v4The Jube SeniorsView
Week commencing Mon 3rd February 2020
TuePot Black Papas5v7Waveney BView
Week commencing Mon 10th February 2020
TuePot Black Lads6v6Waveney WizardsView
WedPot Black Breakers4v8Waveney TwitchersView
Week commencing Mon 17th February 2020
TuePot Black Papas9v3The Jube SeniorsView
WedPot Black Breakers4v8Waveney WizardsView
Week commencing Mon 24th February 2020
TuePot Black Lads4v8Pot Black BreakersView
Week commencing Mon 2nd March 2020
TuePot Black Papas3v9Waveney TwitchersView
Week commencing Mon 9th March 2020
TuePot Black Lads7v5Waveney BView
WedPot Black Breakers9v3The Jube JuniorsView
Week commencing Mon 16th March 2020
TuePot Black Papas v Pot Black Lads 
Week commencing Mon 23rd March 2020
TuePot Black Lads v The Jube Seniors 
WedPot Black Breakers v Pot Black Papas 
Week commencing Mon 30th March 2020
TuePot Black Papas v The Jube Juniors 
Week commencing Mon 6th April 2020
TuePot Black Lads v Waveney Twitchers 
WedPot Black Breakers v The Jube A 

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Top First Division Breaks
K. BeareThe Jube Seniors94
R. CooperWaveney Wizards91
R. CooperWaveney Wizards87
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Top First Division Averages
R. CooperWaveney Wizards86%
B. AshThe Jube A83%
M. Nicholls (Snr)The Jube Seniors71%
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