First Division Handicaps 2018/2019

M. BowlesArcadian42
J. ColmanArcadian35
C. KimblingArcadian7
A. MyhillArcadian21
M. NichollsArcadian7
D. StoneArcadian42
G. ThompsonArcadian0
S. BrooksPot Black Breakers56
I. GuyPot Black Breakers21
M. HarperPot Black Breakers35
N. HarveyPot Black Breakers14
D. LakePot Black Breakers56
A. PickeringPot Black Breakers35
C. SmithPot Black Breakers7
J. WatermanPot Black Breakers49
F. CalvertPot Black Lads49
C. FulcherPot Black Lads56
A. HobbsPot Black Lads28
B. KerrPot Black Lads56
A. OwensPot Black Lads-42
T. OwensPot Black Lads56
T. BrownPot Black Papas35
J. CaiePot Black Papas56
B. ColePot Black Papas56
O. GibbonsPot Black Papas35
M. McMasterPot Black Papas14
R. MurrellPot Black Papas42
M. PapaPot Black Papas42
S. RudgePot Black Papas35
K. CookWaveney A7
R. HarveyWaveney A56
B. KisbyWaveney A56
A. RiderWaveney A42
H. SpindlerWaveney A21
A. WrightWaveney A35
M. BrookWaveney Wizards0
R. CooperWaveney Wizards-42
R. MastersWaveney Wizards0
W. MooreWaveney Wizards7
M. StanboroughWaveney Wizards14
A. WoodWaveney Wizards0
B. AshYar. Con. A-7
B. FishYar. Con. A0
P. RutherfordYar. Con. A14
P. StoneYar. Con. A0
K. WoodgateYar. Con. A42
J. ZoetYar. Con. A14
T. BaileyYar. Con. B56
L. PhilpottYar. Con. B21
D. SmallwoodYar. Con. B49
R. SparksYar. Con. B49
P. SwallowYar. Con. B42

Latest News

Yar Con A relocated to Merlins

Confirmation that, Yar. Con. A have relocated to Merlins, Gorleston.

Please remember this when travelling to play them at home.

Posted a month ago.
Yarmouth Conservative Club closing

Yarmouth Conservative Club is closing from the 1st of January.

Yar. Con. B will be playing their remaining home matches at Beccles Cue Club.

It is yet to be confirmed but Yar. Con. A may be moving their remaining home games to Merlins, Gorleston.

Posted a month ago.
Top First Division Breaks
R. CooperWaveney Wizards81
R. MastersWaveney Wizards77
R. CooperWaveney Wizards70
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Top First Division Averages
A. HobbsPot Black Lads70%
S. RudgePot Black Papas67%
L. PhilpottYar. Con. B64%
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