First Division Handicaps 2016/2017

M. BowlesArcadian35
J. ColemanArcadian42
M. DurrantArcadian56
D. GibbsArcadian35
C. KimblingArcadian7
A. MyhillArcadian28
D. StoneArcadian42
I. GuyPot Black Breakers21
L. HamblyPot Black Breakers21
M. HarveyPot Black Breakers35
N. HarveyPot Black Breakers21
A. PickeringPot Black Breakers35
C. SmithPot Black Breakers21
J. WatermanPot Black Breakers49
A. CuggyPot Black Jesters35
C. HallidayPot Black Jesters42
B. KerrPot Black Jesters56
A. LockwoodPot Black Jesters21
B. MarshallPot Black Jesters35
M. NewlandPot Black Jesters49
D. PlitschPot Black Jesters42
M. SoanesPot Black Jesters49
M. StanboroughPot Black Jesters21
G. WardPot Black Jesters28
J. BurwoodPot Black Lads35
M. BurwoodPot Black Lads49
F. CalvertPot Black Lads49
J. CrispPot Black Lads28
O. GibbonsPot Black Lads35
J. IrvinePot Black Lads35
P. LiPot Black Lads49
A. NichollsPot Black Lads21
A. OwensPot Black Lads-42
P. ReevePot Black Lads14
A. RuddPot Black Lads0
K. SuttonPot Black Lads-14
D. SuttonPot Black Lads49
T. BrownPot Black Papas35
B. ColePot Black Papas42
K. CookPot Black Papas14
M. PapaPot Black Papas42
C. RenicarPot Black Papas42
J. StockPot Black Papas49
B. StockPot Black Papas42
M. UnderdownPot Black Papas28
R. HarveyWaveney A56
B. KisbyWaveney A56
M. McMasterWaveney A28
L. ReynoldsWaveney A42
A. RiderWaveney A42
J. RuffWaveney A49
J. SaundersWaveney A49
H. SpindlerWaveney A21
D. VincentWaveney A49
A. WrightWaveney A49
T. BaileyWaveney B56
S. GallantWaveney B42
L. PhilpottWaveney B35
D. SmallwoodWaveney B56
R. SparksWaveney B56
P. SwallowWaveney B42
K. BensonWaveney Wizards35
M. BrookWaveney Wizards0
R. CooperWaveney Wizards-28
J. HingstonWaveney Wizards14
W. MooreWaveney Wizards7
K. PeckWaveney Wizards14
C. ReadWaveney Wizards-7
D. SwinburnWaveney Wizards-42
A. WoodWaveney Wizards-7
B. AshYar. Con. A14
D. BoundYar. Con. A7
B. FishYar. Con. A14
S. JonesYar. Con. A28
M. NichollsYar. Con. A7
P. RutherfordYar. Con. A21
P. StoneYar. Con. A0
J. WilderspinYar. Con. A28
M. WoodhouseYar. Con. A14
J. ZoetYar. Con. A14
BarryYar. Con. E49
J. BoundYar. Con. E49
P. MillsYar. Con. E35
B. PlummerYar. Con. E49
K. WoodgateYar. Con. E42

Latest News

2017/18 Annual General Meeting

The AGM for the upcoming 2017/18 season will be held at the Pot Black Club, Lowestoft on Monday 4th September 2017 at 7pm.

Posted a month ago.
Top First Division Breaks
R. CooperWaveney Wizards97
K. SuttonPot Black Lads92
R. CooperWaveney Wizards90
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Top First Division Averages
H. SpindlerWaveney A64%
D. BoundYar. Con. A62%
L. HamblyPot Black Breakers60%
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