First DivisionPWDLFAPts
Waveney Wizards 19151314088140
Waveney Twitchers 19103612999129
Pot Black Breakers 191315123105123
The Jube A 17121412282122
Pot Black Papas 209011115125115
The Jube Seniors 18729114102110
Pot Black Lads 196310107121107
Waveney B 195311107121107
The Jube Juniors 2002186317763

Top Break

  • 94 by K. Beare for The Jube Seniors

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Top First Division Breaks
K. BeareThe Jube Seniors94
R. CooperWaveney Wizards91
R. CooperWaveney Wizards87
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Top First Division Averages
R. CooperWaveney Wizards86%
B. AshThe Jube A83%
M. Nicholls (Snr)The Jube Seniors71%
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