First Division

All Averages 2017/2018

1C. SmithPot Black Breakers33100% 
2B. FishYar. Con. A302377% 
3R. SparksWaveney B6467% 
4K. PeckWaveney Wizards6467% 
5J. HingstonWaveney Wizards3267% 
6D. PlitschPot Black Jesters3267% 
7H. SpindlerWaveney A785064%
8D. BoundYar. Con. A694362%
9L. HamblyPot Black Breakers784760%
10N. HarveyPot Black Breakers875159%
11K. CookPot Black Papas814859%
12B. AshYar. Con. A663959%
13R. CooperWaveney Wizards814657%
14L. PhilpottWaveney B814657%
15A. MyhillArcadian724157%
16G. WardPot Black Jesters301757% 
17D. GibbsArcadian362056% 
18K. SuttonPot Black Lads181056% 
19P. RutherfordYar. Con. A331855% 
20K. WoodgateYar. Con. E874754%
21B. StockPot Black Papas784254%
22A. WrightWaveney A241354% 
23B. ColePot Black Papas754053%
24J. ColemanArcadian663553%
25M. BowlesArcadian693652%
26M. SoanesPot Black Jesters693652%
27A. OwensPot Black Lads271452% 
28W. MooreWaveney Wizards814151%
29A. PickeringPot Black Breakers753851%
30A. LockwoodPot Black Jesters723751%
31J. ZoetYar. Con. A723650%
32C. KimblingArcadian723650%
33J. WatermanPot Black Breakers18950% 
34T. BrownPot Black Papas6350% 
35I. GuyPot Black Breakers904449%
36B. KerrPot Black Jesters753749%
37C. RenicarPot Black Papas452249% 
38J. BoundYar. Con. E844048%
39B. PlummerYar. Con. E813948%
40F. CalvertPot Black Lads663248%
41P. SwallowWaveney B813847%
42R. HarveyWaveney A813847%
43B. KisbyWaveney A572747%
44M. BurwoodPot Black Lads452147% 
45M. NichollsYar. Con. A15747% 
46L. ReynoldsWaveney A723346%
47M. StanboroughPot Black Jesters753445%
48M. PapaPot Black Papas361644% 
49P. ReevePot Black Lads18844% 
50A. RuddPot Black Lads9444% 
51M. HarveyPot Black Breakers9444% 
52D. SmallwoodWaveney B723143%
53D. SuttonPot Black Lads482042%
54P. StoneYar. Con. A331442% 
55P. LiPot Black Lads662639%
56P. MillsYar. Con. E873237%
57A. WoodWaveney Wizards813037%
58M. BrookWaveney Wizards722636%
59T. BaileyWaveney B722535%
60M. WoodgateYar. Con. E9333% 
61D. StoneArcadian6233% 
62D. VincentWaveney A3133% 
63M. WoodhouseYar. Con. A3133% 
64J. StockPot Black Papas3133% 
65J. SaundersWaveney A3133% 
66J. BurwoodPot Black Lads3133% 
67A. RiderWaveney A600% 
68O. GibbonsPot Black Lads300% 
69J. MyhillWaveney B300% 
70B. StoneYar. Con. A300% 
71C. PhilpottWaveney B300% 

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New 2017/18 Season

The new season begins on the 25th September 2017.

Posted 6 days ago.