First Division

All Averages 2016/2017

1C. SmithPot Black Breakers33100% 
2B. FishYar. Con. A272074% 
3D. BoundYar. Con. A573867%
4K. PeckWaveney Wizards6467% 
5D. PlitschPot Black Jesters3267% 
6J. HingstonWaveney Wizards3267% 
7R. SparksWaveney B3267% 
8H. SpindlerWaveney A724765%
9K. CookPot Black Papas724563%
10L. PhilpottWaveney B724360%
11B. AshYar. Con. A603660%
12K. SuttonPot Black Lads15960% 
13N. HarveyPot Black Breakers784558%
14L. HamblyPot Black Breakers694058%
15B. ColePot Black Papas663858%
16G. WardPot Black Jesters301757% 
17A. OwensPot Black Lads211257% 
18D. GibbsArcadian362056% 
19K. WoodgateYar. Con. E784355%
20R. CooperWaveney Wizards693855%
21M. BowlesArcadian573154%
22A. WrightWaveney A241354% 
23B. KerrPot Black Jesters663553%
24A. MyhillArcadian603253%
25M. SoanesPot Black Jesters603253%
26A. LockwoodPot Black Jesters633352%
27P. RutherfordYar. Con. A271452% 
28W. MooreWaveney Wizards693551%
29A. PickeringPot Black Breakers663350%
30J. ColemanArcadian542750%
31J. WatermanPot Black Breakers18950% 
32M. NichollsYar. Con. A12650% 
33T. BrownPot Black Papas6350% 
34A. RuddPot Black Lads6350% 
35B. StockPot Black Papas693449%
36C. RenicarPot Black Papas452249%
37I. GuyPot Black Breakers813948%
38J. ZoetYar. Con. A602948%
39C. KimblingArcadian602948%
40M. PapaPot Black Papas271348% 
41J. BoundYar. Con. E753547%
42P. SwallowWaveney B723447%
43B. PlummerYar. Con. E723447%
44M. StanboroughPot Black Jesters663147%
45M. BurwoodPot Black Lads452147%
46B. KisbyWaveney A542546%
47F. CalvertPot Black Lads542444%
48M. HarveyPot Black Breakers9444% 
49R. HarveyWaveney A723143%
50L. ReynoldsWaveney A632743%
51P. StoneYar. Con. A301343% 
52D. SmallwoodWaveney B662741%
53M. BrookWaveney Wizards602440%
54D. SuttonPot Black Lads421740%
55P. LiPot Black Lads542139%
56P. MillsYar. Con. E782836%
57A. WoodWaveney Wizards692435%
58T. BaileyWaveney B632235%
59P. ReevePot Black Lads12433% 
60M. WoodgateYar. Con. E9333% 
61D. StoneArcadian6233% 
62J. BurwoodPot Black Lads3133% 
63D. VincentWaveney A3133% 
64M. WoodhouseYar. Con. A3133% 
65J. StockPot Black Papas3133% 
66O. GibbonsPot Black Lads300% 
67J. MyhillWaveney B300% 
68C. PhilpottWaveney B300% 

Latest News

2017 Finals Night

The 2017 Finals night is confirmed for Saturday May 20th at Waveney Snooker Club, Beccles.

With special guest snooker professional Joe Perry. He will be playing many frames including with the competition winners and runners up.

There will also be a raffle.

Joe will have photos and sign autographs for everyone there.

Tickets will be available later this week, priced at £12 each!!

The league scratch final will be played on finals night, at the earlier start time of 6.30pm.

There will be a free buffet for everyone as well.

Anyone who wants tickets please call or text Rob 07852422932

Hoping for a great turn out.

Many thanks, your local secretary Rob.

Posted 2 months ago.
Top First Division Breaks
K. SuttonPot Black Lads92
R. CooperWaveney Wizards90
A. OwensPot Black Lads88
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Top First Division Averages
D. BoundYar. Con. A67%
H. SpindlerWaveney A65%
K. CookPot Black Papas63%
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