Reaper Bot


Here's how I installed the Reaper Bots...

  1. Create a new directory inside the Quake directory, called 'rpbot'
  2. Unzip the 'progs.dat' and 'autoexec.cfg' files to the 'rpbot' directory. Much easier to do if you have a prog like 7Zip.
  3. Create a batch file using 'edit' or 'notepad' as follows
    quake -nojoy -game rpbot
    Note: only include -nojoy if you're not using a joystick.

    Save the batch file as something like 'reaper.bat' into the Quake directory.

  4. Start Quake by running the 'reaper.bat' file or create a new shortcut pointing to 'reaper.bat'.
  5. The keys will have been set to allow you to start up some bots.
  6. Start a multiplayer game, direct connect if you're playing alone, you can also set things like Frag limits etc before you start. Frag Limits are especially interesting, because the game becomes a race to see who can reach the limit first and end the level.
    You should see a message saying 'Server running Reaper Bots v0.8'
  7. Once the game has started, use these keys to control the bots.
    • b addbot
    • n add4bots
    • m frags
    • q top3
    • v verbosebots
    • o observer
    • [ skinup
    • ] skindown
    • p skinmode

    So press 'n' to add 4 bots and off you go!!!!

I hope this gets you going, the Reaper Bots are far more fun than the monsters in my opinion.

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