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North-Eastern Lancashire

Designed by Kalien

This scenario is the Fylde area in North-Eastern Lancashire (The area around the Rivers Douglas and Ribble). It stretches from Formby to Thornton to Garstang to Standish.

It is a great area for Transport Tycoon as there are major cities scattered over the scenario. Also the River Ribble and the Coast are excellent for Passenger Ferrries With Blackpool, Lutham St'Annes, Preston, Southport and Formby all on the coastline or on the Ribble.

Unfortunately I couldn't find much on the industries around there so I had to do some guesswork, I thought that mainly Farms, Steel Mills and Factories would make sense(?). I had the same problem with industries with my Holland scenario. Another problem (for some) with the Holland scenario is that the river obstruct train lines. I might make an improvement where industries are more true-to-life placed.

North-Eastern Lancashire Scenario 67k

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