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Designed by Nuno Gomes

A superb challenging contoured scenario, looks like it will play very well.

Nuno says " Old Game? Not if someone has enough time to make another way to keep TT going. Since I couldn't found a scenario featuring Portugal as a map, I decided to build one. I think that the final result is pretty good. But i still want to hear your comments.

Time to make: 6 hours.

Description: The map of Portugal with only the major cities included. Easy passengers service, hard to get industry flowing. Since TT workspace is squared and Portugal is a big rectangle the scale is not entirely correct. I've include Azores and Madeira and yes, I know that this islands are not there, but since it's Portugal (and I had lots of water) I decided to put them in. I tried to put the industry correctly from an Atlas map. But since Portugal doesn't have some of the industries supported i've included some at random."

Portugal Scenario 79k

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