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West Midlands and Wales

Designed by Andrew Hannay

Andrew kindly provided the following information on his scenario...

"I had the idea for this after seeing West Country 90201 and East Anglia. As I live in Shrewsbury, I thought I would centre this map around it. This took about 18 hours to knock up (Sat 15 to Mon 17 November 1997)".

"Sorry I haven't bothered about the height of the land, the exact locatation of the towns and the countless industries but I was concentrating on the coastline etc. Also sorry if some towns seem a bit small or loads concentrated together, It was just the scale of the map prohibited me from making the towns to big and it is just the way the towns are located".

"The scale is around 1 square=1 Kilometre Square so I haven't been able to include small details like building lots of roads, rivers, seperating Anglesey from mainland Wales and the Severn bridges".

Thanks Andrew, this sort of info is very useful

West Midlands and Wales Scenario 80k

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